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Eliminating shade issues
using natural sunlight


Golf courses

To have a high-quality golf course is important. To achieve this, the grass must have the best growth conditions – including especially light and warmth. Some areas experience a lack of light and warmth due to shade from surrounding trees, which creates poor conditions for the grass and lower course quality for the players.

Second Sun has developed a sustainable way to provide natural light and warmth to these shaded areas. Using high-tech mirrors, sunlight is automatically reflected down onto the affected areas, thus eliminating the challenges – including reducing disease pressure and improving growth conditions. This will simultaneously help elevate the quality of the courses, especially during the off-seasons, without causing glare for players or disturbing the natural surroundings of the area.

Second Sun also conducts detailed analyses of shade problems based on local geotechnical data and historical weather data, thereby providing very precise information on how significant or minor a given problem is and whether it can be solved in alternative ways.

Long product lifetime

The system is designed to last more than 10 years without major maintenance

Self sufficient

The system is self-sufficient and does not need electrical infrastructure

Portable installation

The system can be set up and taken down again for storage by the local greenkeeper team

Automatic control

Second Sun's control system automatically ensures sun in the desired areas

Integrated weather data

Integrated reflection and weather data ensures optimal prerequisites

User friendly mobile app

The system can be controlled using the Second Sun intuitive control system - also for mobile

“Effective and also sustainable solutions are part of our plan to improve and maintain the track area and thus also increase the quality of the tracks. Through Second Suns solar reflectors, we hope to be able to improve growth especially in the affected shaded areas and thus reduce the use of pesticides to combat e.g. fungal diseases and other harmful elements. With a sustainable solution, we accommodate at the same time our players' desire for a general regard for the environment. An improved track area will also mean an extension of the off-season for the players, if we can optimize their growth affected grass areas."

Henrik Holm Hansen

Greenkeeper Manager, Sydsjællands Golfklub


Installation and setup

The Second Sun system is installed manually and secured using ground anchors. There is no need for large machinery or other equipment in this regard.


The Second Sun system operates automatically, providing the necessary light and warmth to the designated area. It can also be manually controlled by the greenkeeper if desired.


The Second Sun system is CE-marked and complies with all standards. In the event of a storm, the system has a safety mechanism that positions the mirror horizontally to prevent any impact. If the mirror is hit by a golf ball, it will only create a minor dent without affecting the functionality of the system.

Service and maintenance

The Second Sun system requires minimal maintenance. Depending on the environment it is placed in, the mirror may require an annual cleaning.

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