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A sun reflector system designed
to enhance grass growth


Second Sun is a relatively new player in the field of technology-driven sustainability. We specialize in a sun reflector system designed to enhance grass growth, particularly targeting shaded areas in football stadiums, golf courses, and other commercial spaces.


Today there is a growing focus on economics and sustainability, including reducing the use of pesticides to combat potential disease issues. One significant challenge is the shade cast by trees and bushes, leading to reduced growth, increased susceptibility to disease, moss, and fungal attacks in the grass, all of which compromise its quality. This currently necessitates the use of pesticides and growth enhancers in affected areas.

Our sun reflector solution is easy to install, seamlessly integrates into the landscape, and requires no manual labor. The system operates automatically, utilizing large mirrors to reflect the sun's rays onto the desired areas, providing the necessary light and warmth for optimal grass growth. Our system has been successfully deployed at Brøndby Stadium for an extended period.


Installation and setup

The Second Sun system is installed manually and secured using ground anchors. There is no need for large machinery or other equipment in this regard.


The Second Sun system operates automatically, providing the necessary light and warmth to the designated area. It can also be manually controlled by the greenkeeper if desired.


The Second Sun system is CE-marked and complies with all standards. In the event of a storm, the system has a safety mechanism that positions the mirror horizontally to prevent any impact. If the mirror is hit by a golf ball, it will only create a minor dent without affecting the functionality of the system.

Service and maintenance

The Second Sun system requires minimal maintenance. Depending on the environment it is placed in, the mirror may require an annual cleaning.

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