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Sustainable growth light
for sports turf


Leverage a full spectrum of sunlight reflected from the innovative system and reduce your CO2 footprint significantly


No running costs associated and a quick return on investment from energy- and manual labour savings

PAR-light where needed

Remarkably increase the amount of sunlight projected to the pitch
- even in shaded areas


The system is designed and built with advanced automation and an intelligent control system


Analysis platform

Second Sun Analysis Platform sustainably optimizing golf courses with unique data-driven insights.

Second Sun for stadiums

Having a high quality pitch is important for any outdoor sports stadium. To have a high quality pitch, you need to provide the necessary components for the grass to grow. Today artificial light is used to provide two of these components: Warmth and light. This is a very expensive and unsustainable solution. Second Sun is your new sustainable, automated and cost-efficient solution to a high quality pitch. The Second Sun system reduces the need for the use of artificial light significantly. It is a uniquely designed, automated set of mirrors, located on the edge of the roof, which reflects the sun onto a desired area of the pitch.


We have created a short video, explaining the basics of our product

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