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Eliminate shade in your stadium
in the most sustainable way



Leverage a full spectrum of sunlight reflected from the innovative system and reduce your CO2 footprint significantly


No running costs associated and a quick return on investment from energy- and manual labor savings

PAR-light where needed

Remarkably increase the amount of sunlight projected to the pitch
- even in shaded areas


The system is designed and built with advanced automation and an intelligent control system


Having a high-quality pitch is important for any outdoor sports stadium. To achieve a high-quality pitch multiple components need to be balanced correctly. Two of these components are warmth and light but the surrounding stadium structure limits the natural sunlight to reach the pitch ultimately reducing both warmth and light.


Today artificial light is used to provide these two components for the part of the pitch that is shadowed by the stand. This is a very expensive and unsustainable solution.

The Second Sun Reflector System is your new sustainable, automated, and cost-efficient solution to a high-quality pitch providing the necessary warmth and light. The system is a uniquely designed, automated set of mirrors, located on the edge of the roof, which reflects the sun onto a desired area of the pitch. The mirrors are automatically folded up under the stands during football matches and other activities on the pitch.

The Second Sun Reflector System typically provides cost reductions from the artificial light rigs that allow for a return on investment of just two years - a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative to a high-quality pitch!

Long product lifetime

The system is designed to last more than 10 years without major maintenance

Automatic control

Second Sun's control system automatically ensures the sun is in the desired areas

Integrated weather data

Integrated reflection and weather data ensure optimal prerequisites

User-friendly mobile app

The system can be controlled using the Second Sun intuitive control system - also for mobile

“There are parts of the southern half of the pitch that need more light than the natural daylight it receives today. Nothing is better for growing grass than natural sunlight. Second Sun adds sunlight to the part of the pitch that is missing and is part of the solution that solves the problem. ”

Chris Hague

Groundsman, Brøndby IF

Sunlight Analysis

The example below is from Brøndby Stadium in March

We offer comprehensive stadium sunlight analysis with our highly advanced Sunlight Simulation Software.


Based on specific stadium structure parameters and historical weather data for the specific location, we can calculate the expected natural sunlight transmission inside the stadium as well as the expected results from installing the Second Sun system.


Please contact us for a Sunlight Analysis for your specific stadium.


We have created a short video, explaining the basics of our product

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