At Second Sun we use green energy for better pitches. We have developed an innovative reflector system for sports stadiums to re-direct sunlight to areas where the grass needs growth.


Sustainable. Cost-Efficient. Automated.

Solution for Natural Grass Growth


Second Sun provides


Leverage a full spectrum of sunlight reflected from the innovative system and reduce your CO2 footprint significantly


No running costs associated and a quick return on investment from energy- and labour savings


The system is designed and built with advanced automation and an intelligent control system

High quality pitch

Remarkably increase the amount of sunlight projected to the pitch - even in shaded areas


Sunlight Simulation


Free Sunlight Simulation

With our advanced Sunlight Simulation tool, we can simulate the yearly sunlight for any stadium in the world - Please reach out to us if you would like a free Sunlight Simulation for your stadium to better understand how your pitch is affected throughout the year. 

Additional DLI

With the Second System installed, you will, as an example, experience more sunlight projected to your pitch in March than you would normally do in April.


Second Sun in Brøndby IF

Chris Hague

Groundsman, Brøndby IF

 "Innovation og nye teknologier er en del af Brøndby IF på og udenfor banen. Derfor tager vi også gerne nye skridt for at prøve at optimere forholdende for græstæppet, fortæller Chris Hague, der er groundsman på Brøndby Stadion.

Der er dele af den sydlige ende af banen, der trænger til mere sollys, end den kan få fra naturens hånd. Intet middel er bedre til at få græs til at gro end sollys og de rette temperaturer, og det prøver vi med Second Sun at give til hele banen. Hvis det fungerer, som vi håber på, bliver det en gevinst for banen – og for miljøet."

We are very happy to announce that we have been nominated for the SDG Tech Awards Denmark. We have been nominated for our innovative technology supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Please do get in contact

Nicolai Moustgaard, CEO

Otto Bussesvej 5A, OBV 026, 2450 København, Denmark

+45 5360 3638