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Article, Monday 13th September 2021

Unvieling the biggest Second Sun system yet

Revolutionary sustainability project at Brøndby Stadium is receiving great Danish and international attention

At Second Sun, we have worked long and hard for this day to finally come - the Second Sun in full operation in Brøndby IF’s stadium.
We are both proud and happy to finally showcase our solution in its intended environment in Brøndby Stadium.
Brøndby IF’s stadium will now be the first in the world with a 100% sustainable and economical solution in the form of a 100 m2 Second Sun system, which will add the much needed extra sunlight to the grass.The Second Sun mirrors will benefit the growth of the grass and at the same time save money.


Statement from Ole Palmå
Ole Palmå, CEO of Brøndby IF, says: “Innovation and new technology are a part of Brøndby IF both on and off the field. With the installation of Second Sun's solar reflector system at our stadium, we can solve multiple problems with one solution: Support a skilled technological entrepreneurial company, act sustainably and achieve great savings on the artificial lighting on the pitch.

The groundsman team

The employees, who are responsible for the grass on the pitch on a daily basis, are also pleased with the new solution. Chris Hague, course manager at Brøndby IF, says: “There are parts of the southern half of the pitch that need more light than the natural daylight it receives today. Nothing is better for growing grass than natural sunlight. Second Sun adds sunlight to the part of the pitch that is missing, and is part of the solution that solves the problem. ”

We look very much forward to sharing more detailed information on the system’s features and impact very soon.If you are interested to learn more and hear how Second Sun can solve the shading issues of your stadium in a sustainable and economical way, please reach out to us.

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