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Leverage a full spectrum of sunlight reflected from the innovative system and reduce your CO2 footprint significantly


No running costs associated and a quick return on investment from energy- and manual labour savings

PAR-light where needed

Remarkably increase the amount of sunlight projected to the pitch
- even in shaded areas


The system is designed and built with advanced automation and an intelligent control system


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Discover how to

  • Improve grass growth

  • Reduce disease pressure

  • Enhance overall golf course quality

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If you are having shading issues on your golf course please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
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Having a high quality pitch is important for any outdoor sports stadium. To have a high quality pitch, you need to provide the necessary components for the grass to grow. Today artificial light is used to provide two of these components: Warmth and light.

This is a very expensive and unsustainable solution.

Second Sun is your new sustainable, automated and cost-efficient solution to a high quality pitch. The Second Sun system reduces the need for the use of artificial light significantly.

It is a uniquely designed, automated set of mirrors, located on the edge of the roof, which reflects the sun onto a desired area of the pitch.

Chris Hague

Groundsman, Brøndby IF

“There are parts of the southern half of the pitch that need more light than the natural daylight it receives today. Nothing is better for growing grass than natural sunlight. Second Sun adds sunlight to the part of the pitch that is missing, and is part of the solution that solves the problem. ”


Ole Palmå

CEO, Brøndby IF

“With the installation of Second Sun's solar reflector system at our stadium, we can solve multiple problems with one solution: Support a skilled technological entrepreneurial company, act sustainably and achieve great savings on the artificial lighting on the pitch."


An award winning solution

Second Sun received the "Innovation Award" at the TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Awards in London. The Awards were launched to recognize leadership, innovation and achievement in the design, development, construction and refurbishment of major sports venue facilities globally. The Awards ceremony in front of an audience of senior industry figures and the Innovation Award specifically was "awarded to the organization that has demonstrated genuine, industry-changing innovation".

Innovation Award.png

Second Sun CEO receiving the "Innovation Award" in London


sunlight analysis

Example below from Brøndby Stadium in March

We offer comprehensive stadium sunlight analysis with our highly advanced Sunlight Simulation Software.


Based on specific stadium structure parameters and historical weather data for the specific location, we can calculate the expected natural sunlight transmission inside the stadium as well as the expected results from installing the Second Sun system.

Please contact us for a Sunlight Analysis for your specific stadium.

Sunlgt Analysis


We have created a short video, explaining the basics of our product:




The project

Brøndby IF’s stadium will now be the first in the world with a 100% sustainable and economical solution in the form of a 100 m2 Second Sun system, which will add the much needed extra sunlight to the grass.The Second Sun mirrors will benefit the growth of the grass and at the same time save money.

Country: Denmark  Team: Brøndby IF  League: Superliga  Capacity: 28.000

Skærmbillede 2021-09-07 kl. 13.49.25.png

The Reflection

Here you see the reflection of the mirrors. The reflections are put in extension of each other to make sure the shaded area and provide the grass with the highest possible DLI.

LIFE Tackle

The Second Sun technology is now considered a "best in practice" by LIFE Tackle.

LIFE TACKLE is an international project co-funded by EU LIFE program aiming at improving the environmental management of football matches and the overall level of awareness and attention towards environmental issues in the football sector. Life Tackle is an international project co-founded by EU LIFE programme – aiming at improving the environmental management of football matches and the overall level of awareness and attention towards environmental issues in the football sector. Between 2018 and 2021, best practices on environmental management will be collected and tested in different stadiums across Europe and information exchanged among NFAs to guide their implementation.


"As artificial grass growth lighting requires significant electricity consumption for the stadiums and thereby also significant CO2 emissions associated with the stadiums it is of central importance for the industry to find alternative solutions for the existing products in the market.

The innovative approach of the Second Sun solution and their promising test results from their test installation in Brøndby Stadium looks to be the sustainable solution that is needed in the industry."

- Tiberio Daddi, S Anna School of Advanced Studies, Project Director at Life Tackle

LIFE Tackle

From partners, clients and stakeholders


"Innovation and new technologies are part of Brøndby IF on and off the field. Tha's why we also want to take new steps to try to optimize the conditions for the grass.

There are parts of the southern end that need more sunlight than it can get naturally. No alternative is better for grass to grow than sunlight and the right temperatures , and with Secund Sun we try to provide that to the whole pitch. If it works, as we hope, it will be a win for the pitch - and for the environment."

Chris Hague

Groundsman, Brøndby IF

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