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Article, tue. 2nd Nov 2021

The EFL are launching a scheme to fight the climate crisis

The English Football League (EFL) has recently announced the launch of ‘EFL Green Clubs’, a new League wide scheme that will help support clubs across the country to improve their environmental practices and operations.

The league’s chief executive, Trevor Birch, says football must do more to protect the planet and outlines an initiative to help clubs. Therefore the league will announce details of EFL Green Clubs, a new league-wide initiative that will be offered to support the 72 members to reduce their environmental impact via a benchmarking and development scheme delivered by the environmental specialists at GreenCode.


Trevor Birch says: “Professional sport will not be immune to the climate challenges and as an industry that relies on our natural environment, holds mass events every week and requires people to travel to facilitate our competition, we know we have a responsibility to do our bit to help protect the planet. We also know that football can inspire people and have a positive impact on many of society’s biggest matters by using its platform to help inspire change. Therefore there has never been a better time for the EFL and its clubs to make a collective commitment to improve our environmental practices and operations.”

And he continues: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today and therefore it is vitally important that the EFL and its clubs take steps to improve and minimize our environmental impact. A number of our Clubs are already taking practical steps to become more sustainable and using the expertise of the global leader in our ranks, we hope EFL Green Clubs will provide an opportunity for every Club in our competition to continue, enhance or begin their journey to a more sustainable future.” 

EFL Green Clubs is a scheme to help clubs in an ever-evolving field, with participants receiving an independent assessment of their environmental credentials, looking at business practices across eight areas including energy, waste and procurement. Clubs who score well will receive a 12-month Kitemark and an annual audit score, while those at the start of their environmental improvement journey will be supported by the GreenCode improvement plan.

In addition, the EFL Trust, the charitable arm of the EFL, will be putting in place a Sustainable Development Coordinator and will be encouraging all Club Community Organisation’s to employ a Sustainable Development Officer through the extended Kickstart programme. These roles will also have access to an accredited Environmental Sustainability qualification.

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