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We analyse the shade-issue in depth before discussing solutions

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Step 1: Analysing the problem
Before discussing any solutioning, we conduct a comprehensive and data-driven sunlight analysis of the stadium or golf course to understand the problem in depth

Step 2: Evaluation of the analysis 
We discuss the outcome of the analysis with the relevant stakeholders at the stadium or golf course and define the next steps together. 

Step 3: Implementation of mirrors 

Based on the outcome of Step 3, we will define the relevant solution in detail and ultimately eliminate the shading issue in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Reflector mirrors

How it works

The Second Sun system automatically adjusts its high-tech mirrors according to the position of the sun and the target position on the turf.


The Second Sun high-tech mirrors reflect +90% of the sunlight received providing the necessary photosynthetic active radiation and heat to the turf (your bathroom mirror only reflects approx 50%).


The Second Sun System is connected directly to live weather data through the Second Sun Cloud providing the user with live data on the amount of sunlight received by the turf.


The Second Sun System automatically folds away in hazardous events - such as very high winds (e.g. hurricanes) and can be folded away during tournaments, matches or other events.



We have created a short video, explaining the basics of our product

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