Article, Wednesday, 25th Nov 2020

Benefits of the Second Sun system

Second Sun focuses on solving the same problem as artificial grow light systems do. Where the artificial lights solve the problem by consuming enormous amounts of electricity, Second Sun solves it by utilizing the sun's natural light. By using the Second Sun system, several benefits follow.

"By utilizing the sun’s natural light, you ensure the best quality of the grass. There is no better alternative for grass growth than sunlight.

“No alternative is better for grass to grow than sunlight and the right temperatures, and with Second Sun we try to provide that to the whole pitch. “

  -  Chris Hague, Groundsman, Brøndby IF

The Second Sun system reduces the need for artificial light, which is a very expensive and unsustainable solution. The Second Sun system works at a very high efficiency compared to other sustainable systems, as it operates with a +90% efficiency whereas for example solar panels typically, only operate at efficiency rates around 15%.


Second Sun estimates a 25-75% lower annual total energy costs associated with artificial lights, depending on the size of the stadium, the geographical location and existing equipment.

Due to the reduced need for the use of artificial light, the Second Sun system will also lower the annual CO-2 emissions significantly. So not only does the Second Sun system benefit Stadiums by reducing the electricity bill, it is also a great way for organizations to show environmental responsibility, which is an increasing demand from fan groups.


  1. Utilizing the best solution for warmth and light for grass growth: natural sunlight.

  2. A highly efficient, automated and sustainable system.

  3. 25-75% lower annual total energy costs associated with artificial lights.

  4. Lower annual CO-2 emissions significantly.

  5. A great way of showing environmental responsibility.