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Get a science-based and data-driven understanding
of the shade in your entire golf course

Resolve Shade Issues as Fast as You Can Identify Them

Struggling with shade problems on your golf course?
Do you have a hard time proofing the problem to the board and players?

Request an analysis from Second Sun,
and our platform will quickly provide detailed, data-driven insights to help you enhance turf quality and sustainability.

Shade Analysis

Today's golf clubs face increasing expectations, changing weather conditions, and new regulations. To meet these challenges, Second Sun offers a cutting-edge Shade Analysis Platform that leverages a cloud-based analytics engine to provide golf clubs with unparalleled, actionable insights. By digitizing their approach, clubs can enhance quality, reduce costs, and boost sustainability. With over 5 billion data points per analysis, our platform delivers unique insights that enable clubs to optimize maintenance practices, minimize the use of resources, and improve overall turf health, ensuring a high-quality and sustainable golf course.

Detailed shade analysis

Analyse the sunlight and shade across your entire golf course based on more than 5 billion data points to understand the sunlight conditions in the individual months across an entire year.

Tree removal simulation

Conduct precise tree-removal activities to see the direct impact on the shade issues based on concrete and exact data - allowing for surgical precision of effective tree removal activities

Comprehensive Shade Issue Report

Integrated reflection and Get a comprehensive report that scientifically highlights the main shade issues that is easy-to-communicate to both board members and golf players in your club data ensures optimal prerequisites

Grass specie selection

Using the insights, the grass species that fits the natural conditions in the individual areas can be selected  optimizing quality and reducing maintenance costs


Sunlight Before Tree Removal

Sunlight After Tree Removal

tree removal.PNG

demo video here

Data-Driven Visual Insights

Transform Shade Data into Clear Visuals
Get detailed, visual presentations of shade problems in specific areas of your golf course—no guesswork needed.

Scientific Proof of Tree-Removal Impact

Visualize Tree-Removal Benefits
See the exact impact of tree-removal activities on shade issues with scientific precision and clear data insights.

How It Works


Request the Analysis

Simply request an analysis
from Second Sun.


Data Acquisition &
Analysis Preparation

Second Sun
acquires the data and
prepares a detailed analysis.


Access Your Insights

Log in to
to explore and
utilize your unique insights

Create better natural conditions
for your golf course today!

Experience unparalleled shade analysis and actionable strategies to improve turf health, reduce costs, and boost sustainability.

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