At Second Sun we use green energy for better pitches. We have developed an innovative and award-winning reflector system for sports stadiums to re-direct sunlight to areas where the grass needs growth.


Sustainable. Cost-Efficient. Automated.

Solution for Natural Grass Growth


Second Sun provides


Leverage a full spectrum of sunlight reflected from the innovative system and reduce your CO2 footprint significantly


No running costs associated and a quick return on investment from energy- and manual labour savings


The system is designed and built with advanced automation and an intelligent control system

High quality pitch

Remarkably increase the amount of sunlight projected to the pitch - even in shaded areas

Second Sun wins Innovation Award

Second Sun CEO receiving the "Innovation Award" in London

Second Sun received the "Innovation Award" at the TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Awards in London. The Awards were launched to recognise leadership, innovation and achievement in the design, development, construction and refurbishment of major sports venue facilities globally. The Awards ceremony in front of an audience of senior industry figures and the Innovation Award specifically was "awarded to the organisation that has demonstrated genuine, industry-changing innovation".


Free Sunlight Simulation

With our advanced Sunlight Simulation tool, we can simulate the yearly sunlight for any stadium in the world - Please reach out to us if you would like a free Sunlight Simulation for your stadium to better understand how your pitch is affected throughout the year. 

Fill out your information below to get a free sunlight simulation of your pitch!


Second Sun in Brøndby IF

Chris Hague

Groundsman, Brøndby IF

"Innovation and new technologies are part of Brøndby IF on and off the field. That's why we also want to take new steps to try to optimize the conditions for the grass," says Chris Hague, groundsman at Brøndby Stadium.

There are parts of the southern end that need more sunlight than it can get naturally. No alternative is better for grass to grow than sunlight and the right temperatures, and with Second Sun we try to provide that to the whole pitch. If it works, as we hope, it will be a win for the pitch - and for the environment. "

Second Sun was nominated for their innovative technology supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Second Sun was awarded for demonstrating genuine,
industry-changing innovation.

Awards and Nominations

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